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1. Do I need to pay any application fees? Is there any initial deposit requirement?

We do not have any charges or initial deposit requirement on new account application.

2. Can I open a joint name account in Augustine Securities Company Limited (ASCL)?

Yes, we accept joint name account application. Either one of the account holders can place buy or sell order, the withdraw instruction; however, must be signed by all members.

3. Can I have both Cash and Margin accounts on the same time?

Yes, please contact your Account Executive or Customer Services (852) 3892 0303 for details.

4. Which I should pay extra attention on my application?

In order to protect the interest of our clients, we will not process any instructions if the signature cannot be verified, so we suggest clients to remember his/her specimen signature.

5. How long does it take to open account?

It Application generally takes 1 week to process after we have received your valid application with all requested documents. You will receive our confirmation letter after related procedures are completed.

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